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Digital drink dispenser : the new era is coming!

The IoT revolution is spreading to dispensing systems, making them 'smart' with IntelliDraught system

The overwhelming revolution of IntelliDraught is in making dispensing systems “smart” by allowing them to collect and send data to a processing system to obtain valuable information on the equipment’s status, on the quality of the dispensed beverage, and on consumption habits. With Celli IntelliDraught, producers, service centres, logistic networks, etc. can access an unprecedented amount and variety of data allowing to improve process efficiency and save resources.

The innovative IoT platform Intelliwater for the remote management of installations is already used in the soft-drink and draft equipment. It is possible to monitor in real time the status of installations, consumption, offer management, promotions, prices and payments, promptly and effectively managing service and maintenance on all the machines installed. This is an efficient solution from a management stand point but above all from an eco-suistanable one. The use of microfiltered water installations, in fact, not only avoids the expensive bottling processes but also transportation and distribution costs. Celli is the high-quality, customizable and eco-sustainable brand of draft equipment dedicated to on-the-go beverage consumption.

Celli IntelliDraught provides remote control over all the host systems through the ability to check the perfect conditions of the equipment at all times, or to take immediate action in case of problems. It therefore allows to leverage on huge potentials and to achieve true competitive advantages, including: sharp reduction of downtimes, limited on-site interventions, optimal spare part supply management.

IntelliDraught enhances competitiveness with smart connected products. Data and information access today is a crucial wealth for companies, just like people, technologies, and capital, and can even become a decisive factor for most. QR code and NFC tag reader, touch screen, UVC led, and many other components for collecting data and creating a totally customised experience.

The IntelliDraught system benefits, in particular, dispensing system suppliers, beer and beverage producers, marketing units, service centres, point of sale owners, and consumers themselves, who are ensured high-quality service