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New strategic acquisition from T&J Installations to provide the best beverage dispensing equipment

The global leader in beverage dispensing systems, already active in the UK with three production plants, enters the drinks technical service market


The Celli Group, a global leader in the beverage dispensing equipment industry, announces that it has finalized - via the UK subsidiary, Celli International - a strategic acquisition of 30% of the T&J Installations Ltd share capital, with a call option for the remaining 70%.

T&J Installations is one of the independent leading companies in the United Kingdom in the field of technical service support for the beer and beverage dispensing equipment industry. The business has remained a family run business since its inception more than 35 years ago. The company is specialized in drink dispensing equipment supply, installation and maintenance for beer dispense, cider dispense, spirit dispense, wine dispense and preservation, and soft drinks dispense throughout the UK; together with cellar cooling, refrigeration equipment and gas dispense systems.
With 95 employees, 7 branches and 65 technicians, they offer services to over 15,000 commercial activities in the hospitality sector including pubs, hotels, restaurants and independent brand owners throughout the UK.


This transaction allows the Group to offer all its UK customers, the innovative technical assistance solutions that have already been developed and consolidated in numerous other countries, based on the IoT systems and data analytics that work on proprietary algorithms. Therefore, T&J’s competitive position within the UK market is further strengthened as a result of Celli’s investment in the company. In addition to the current support T&J offers, Celli will enable it to offer remote maintenance and technical assistance using the IoT systems within its product range of beverage dispensing equipment. New types of digital drink dispenser for smart recognition and easy use and accessibility.

We've always been obsessed with the high quality of the service we providesays Ian Jones, T&J Managing Director - and this quality has been the reason why our customers have always rewarded us. We are honoured to be able to join the Group, a leading international company. This strategic acquisition provides us the opportunity to embrace new technologies providing our customers enhanced levels of service and growth within the UK market.

Nigel Farrar, the Celli UK Managing Director commented: The Group is a leader in the UK in the design and production of the ‘complete solution’ in beverage dispensing equipment. We now find it essential to support our customers in managing a business that is quite strategic for them with both equipment and technical assistance services. The acquisition of T&J Installations, with their reputation of excellence in the market, is also the best way for us to develop this part of our offering. This takes place in the middle of a particularly critical period, not only for our country but also many other countries as well. It is proof of how much Celli believes in the future of this market.

The acquisition of T&J Installationssays Adalberto Pizzi, Director of the Group Asset Management Division, - will allow us to bring our innovative IOT solutions and advanced technical assistance services to the first market in the world for draft beer consumption, and will enable our customers to make the draught business even more efficient.

With a pro-forma turnover of around 130 million euros, Celli was founded in 1974, is headquartered in San Giovanni in Marignano (Rimini), has almost 600 employees in 6 production plants located in Italy and in the United Kingdom (three plants deriving from from three past acquisitions) and exports its products to over 100 countries around the world.

The first operation dates back to June 2015, when Celli acquired the English group Ads2, specialized in the design of customized and design columns for beer tapping, thus becoming a reference player in the sector for the world's largest beer producers. In May 2017, the Group therefore finalized the acquisition of Angram Ltd, a British company specializing in the production of draught beer systems for traditional pump tapping of cask ale beers. The latest operation in the UK was in October 2019, when Celli acquired MF Refrigeration, the leading manufacturer of draft beer and cold beverage cooling systems in the UK market.


Today Celli is no longer just a leader in Italy, but it is also an international brand known for the high quality and the unmistakable design of its products. The challenge for the future is to take the whole Celli experience through the new frontiers of digital technologies, so that our customers can embrace a total drinking experience.

Soft drink and beer dispensers, beer taps, fonts and all water, beer and beverage dispensing equipment are designed, manufactured and tested in the main headquarters in San Giovanni in Marignano (RN). This partial acquisition from Celli comes after the one of Ads2 in 2015, Angram in 2017, FJE in 2018 and MF Refrigeration in 2019; all of them from the UK market. 

The Group was assisted by Raworths Solicitors and KPMG.