Notwithstanding limitations and the current pandemic of Covid-19, the Group continues its consolidation process at an international level

The Celli Group has announced the opening of three new branches in Germany, the U.S.A and Brazil.  With further two branches in Singapore and Moscow, the Group continues to invest in the draft equipment global market consolidating its leadership position and its brand identity, despite the current pandemic and economic setback. The new European branch, in Dusseldorf, which provides for the opening of offices and a logistics warehouse, is part of a strategic market in which the company has been present for some time in all product categories (beer, soft drinks and water). It is also where Celli already has a network of high-level commercial employees. 

Celli Deutschland
 will bring further added value to the Group's business, in particular by allowing it to offer a new range of products specifically designed for the German market. This includes the development of the Acqua Alma brand in the world of water draft equipment and the implementation of innovative technical assistance services that the company offers.

The opening of Celli North America, in the state of New York, will support the acceleration of growth in the world’s leading beverage market. This will see Celli placed alongside the most significant multinationals in the sector as a strategic partner on technologically innovative projects fro draft equipment. Thanks to commercial, logistic and production expansion plans, as well as technical assistance services, the American market will benefit from the high level of innovation of the Group's dedicated beverage dispensing solutions based on IoT systems and data analytics. This will work on proprietary algorithms already developed and consolidated in various countries around the world.

The third branch, Celli Latam, was opened in São Paulo in Latin America. In this draft equipment market Celli is already a leader. This opening in Brazil will give the company an opportunity to be closer to its customers, guaranteeing support for structured growth, and will be managed by the Celli sales staff already present in South America. They will be able to rely on a consolidated network of distributors.

"We are going through one of the most difficult periods in our recent history” - said Mauro Gallavotti, CEO of the Celli Group - "but we are convinced that it is precisely in these times of crisis that it is necessary to invest in order to build competitive advantages for the future. It is a matter of vision and courage. International expansion has always been part of the Group's DNA and the opening of these three branches is a fundamental strategic step. The post-Covid 19 restart has only one pathway: to resume and continue to invest in sustainability. Consuming beverages dispensed by draft equipment is, and will continue to be, far more sustainable than the consumption of bottled drinks. And this is true at any historical moment, for all consumers all over the world".

Celli, leader in design, engineering and production of draft equipment for over 40 years, exports its products to over 100 countries around the world. The Group achieved pro-forma turnover of around 130 million euros in 2019, achieved thanks to strong growth, both organic and through acquisitions in Italy and the UK. The company has also developed the most advanced IoT platform for draft equipment in-house, which allows you to remotely monitor the performance of all draft beer systems in real time in order to manage consumption and operation.
The innovative IoT platform IntelliWater for the remote management of draft equipment installations is already used in the soft-drink and draft beer dispensing equipment. Through this technology, it is possible to monitor in real time the status of installations, consumption, offer management, promotions, prices and payments, promptly and effectively managing service and maintenance on all the machines installed.  

This is an efficient solution from a management stand point but above all from an eco-suistanable one. The use of microfiltered water installations, in fact, not only avoids the expensive bottling processes but also transportation and distribution costs. Celli is the high-quality, customizable and eco-sustainable brand of draft equipment dedicated to on-the-go beverage consumption. Cosmetal, global leader in Italy and Europe in the manufacturing of drinking water draft equipment, has the goal of revolutionizing how we consume water on the go, starting from the concept that the future of our planet depends on a more sustainable use of plastic by the beverage sector and by making single-use bottles obsolete. Now, this goal involves also the new Celli branches all around the world.
The company commits to revolutionize the drinking water consumption experience and digitalize the water consumption, by spreading a loud and clear high-impact message: “Don’t recycle, refill”.

This is needed because recycling is no longer sufficient: more must be done through solutions such as refilling
These company expansions follow the previous acquisitions of the Group, which led to its great success. MF Refrigeration was the fourth acquisition in Great Britain for Celli, after those of ADS2, specialized in the design of custom and design columns for beer tapping (2015). Angram Ltd, a Yorkshire company specializing in the production of traditional pump draft equipment for ice cold beer, purchased through the company (2017). 
FJE Plastic Development Ltd, an English company specializing in injection molding whose systems allow a controlled use of recycled plastics (March 2018). Then, in 2016 Celli took over Cosmetal, the Marche-based company specializing in the production of solutions for the supply of drinking water.

In June 2015 Celli acquired the English Group Ads2
, specializing in the design of customized and design towers for beer draft equipment. The company is able to offer a comprehensive expertise to create product customization and achieve the highest brand distinctiveness. Many elements contribute to the creation of an effective and impactful image: bespoke taps, creating glasses and merchandising and choosing the tower design.
With Ads2, Celli becomes the player to be selected to indissolubly link the brand strategy of the most important beverage companies (Heineken, AB InBev, SABMiller, etc.) with a product able to ensure an unforgettable drinking experience. By acquiring the British group, Celli intended to address one of the most important need of its customers – enjoy the best brand experience. The perfect drinking experience starts with a performing tap: choose the right beer cooling systembeer dispenser and beer tap among the wide range of draft equipment by Celli.

In May 2017, the Group acquired Angram Ltd
, a British company with over 40 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing the finest-quality draft equipment. Beer engines, beer towers, beer faucets handles and more for cask, beer and cider brands. The mission is to make the draft equipment look better, perform better and stand out from the crowd. The company dominates the UK market with its knowledge in pump draft equipment for ales.
A talented and highly skilled team with over 50 employees, a sales, manufacturing, storage and distribution centre exceeding 3,000 m² in Thirsk – the site in Northern Yorkshire that it’s entirely dedicated to the manufacture of both traditional, custom and free-flow cask pumps – and a customer base including some of the most prestigious names in the world of draught and English pubs. Moving the production of draft equipment to a dedicated site is the first step towards optimising flows, with special focus on a product that keeps writing the history of beer worldwide.

Some of the Angram is also synonymous with 'beer engine', that is to say the most traditional among draught beer systems, since it has been manufacturing beer pumps for ales with the cask system for a very long time now. 
Lastly, in March 2018, Celli acquired FJE Plastic Development Ltd, an English company specialized in injected plastic moulding, vacuum forming and graphic customisation; three critical processes for the manufacturing of many components of Celli draft equipment. FJE has recently introduced the use of recycled plastic to create environmentally sustainable draft equipment and to give our customers the chance to develop projects of circular economy, transferring part of their discarded products into new components that take on a new life.

The integration of FJE establishments allowed the strengthening of the company’s industrial organization in the United Kingdom. This also brought many benefits for the Italian manufacturing plants of draft equipment, the consolidation of the vertical integration strategy, already widely in place with the LAM subsidiaries, specializing in metal sheet working, and ADS2 Print Division. Plus, the possibility manage directly a critical working process, as plastic moulding. To plan, manage and deliver all of the new complex projects for the production of always more innovative draft equipment will be a real challenge. The strong determination shown by our teams around the world encapsulates our belief that success requires us to think big, act decisively and face challenges head on.

The new corporate identity is getting stronger and the Company is perfectly placed to respond to all of the challenges and opportunities ahead.