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Celli Group launches 4Draught

The program to support the British pub revival

The Horeca channel is in a sector that has been one of the most negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is predicted that up to 1 in 5 pubs/restaurants will not be able to re-open. Re-opening with social distancing measures will result in higher costs and lower turnover for a sector that has experienced the deepest and most prolonged impact of the virus.

For this reason, the Celli Group, the global leader in draught beverage dispense, would like to help sustain the UK pub industry through the program '4DRAUGHT - we support British revival'.

4 DRAUGHT is a multi-dimensional solution program dedicated to British Breweries and Pub chains to support bar and pub re-opening. The program ranges from protection and sanitization at the bar, CAPEX savings from equipment refurbishment as well as the release of equity via buy & lease back to relaunch the Pub Industry. This is an industry that is a valuable and traditional asset for both the British economy and culture, one that should not be lost.

Celli solutions to support the British pub revival: 

Thanks to the sanitizing properties of Ozone & UV light we are able to provide a range of sanitizing solutions to protect and prevent the bar environment from viral and bacterial contamination. This serves to reassure the customer about the safety of draught. Ozone is more effective than chlorine for the elimination of viruses and bacteria and UV light has a proven ability to break down bacterial loads.

Complete IT Platform and strict quality controls allow Celli to manage cost and spare parts utilization for every single asset during the asset lifecycle. Refurbishment program allows us to assure the following: high-quality standard of the asset; control the total cost of ownership; restart asset depreciation using the cost of refurbishment as CapEx; customize refurbish specification based on budget availability; make the end of life sustainable and reduce waste.

The Celli Group will purchase the existing installed base from the asset owner. We will then re-rent equipment with a contract including innovative and competitive technical services resulting in reduced operating costs. This program also allows the asset owners to be able to benefit from the important financial income.

People who love beer value the superiority of drinking draught. Beer dispensing offers a superior drinking experience, a lower environmental impact and it highlights the visual appeal of the venue.
The Celli Group is dedicated to being on the front line to protect the British Pub tradition and the culture of draught beer. Because draught is best - always!

For information, please write to 4draught@celligroup.com