The hydration system that revolutionizes the water consumption experience

Milan, 18 October 2019 – At Fieramilano, on occasion of Host, from 18 to 22 October, the Celli Group introduces an absolute novelty under the banner of Acqua Alma, the high-quality, customizable and eco-sustainable microfiltered water brand dedicated to on-the-go water consumption.

The Acqua Alma Point, designed and manufactured by Cosmetal, a subsidiary company of the Group and global leader in Italy and Europe in the manufacturing of drinking water dispensers, has the goal of revolutionizing how we consume water on the go, starting from the concept that the future of our planet depends on a more sustainable use of plastic by the beverage sector and by making single-use bottles obsolete.  

Now at its 41st edition, the foodservice, retail, GDO, hôtellerie and hospitality expo has become a synonym of innovation and this year it features Cosmetal as its protagonist, a company through which the Group commits to revolutionizing the drinking water consumption experience and digitalizing water consumption, by spreading a loud and clear high-impact message: “Don’t recycle, refill”.

This is needed because recycling is no longer sufficient: more must be done through solutions such as refilling.
The user experience, as far as water consumption is concerned, starts from the user’s smartphone thanks to the Acqua Alma Refill App that allows you to manage your profile, preferences and taste but also to keep an eye on your hydration level and identify where the nearest Acqua Alma Point is located. Moreover, it is possible to associate your refillable bottle to a user profile. Thanks to the NFC feature, the bottle becomes a smart bottle, recognized by the machine, which can recall the user’s favourite recipes or the promotions activated through the user’s profile.  

Machine interaction is fast and effective thanks to the 12” touch screen that allows you to select beverages and view promotional videos, notifications and messages. The payment system is equipped to accept the most popular cashless payment systems and the machine’s exceptional erogation performance allows more than 160 500-ml refillable bottles to be filled at a time with a speed of 10 seconds per refillable bottle.

This data shows how the Acqua Alma Point can guarantee proper hydration for many users also when used continuously, for example in schools, apartment complexes, airports or malls.  Each Acqua Alma Point is connected and can be controlled remotely thanks to IntelliWater, the innovative IoT platform for the remote management of installations, developed in-house by the Group and already used in the soft-drink and draft beer sectors.

Through this technology, it is possible to monitor in real time the status of installations, consumption, offer management, promotions, prices and payments, promptly and effectively managing service and maintenance on all the machines installed.  This is an efficient solution from a management stand point but above all from an eco-suistanable one. The use of microfiltered water installations, in fact, not only avoids the expensive bottling processes but also transportation and distribution costs.

“The water dispensing system that we introduce today,” says Mauro Gallavotti, the Celli Group CEO,“ is a leap forward towards a totally innovative water consumption that is respectful of the environment, especially by making the use of single-use bottles obsolete. We are very proud to introduce to the world the Acqua Alma Point: a revolution in the water on-the-go sector through an integrated system that is simple to use, fun and customizable. Thanks to a global network, specialized resellers and a capillary network of technical support, the Celli Group is ready to conquer a new market: that of on-the-go water consumption. The Acqua Alma Point is the best answer to the needs of a new type of consumer: modern, always connected, fast, practical and respectful of the environment.

By now an unstoppable change in the consumption of water is happening and the Celli Group is already contributing to rewrite the future: ’Don’t recycle, refill.’