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Angram Ltd is a British company of the Celli Group with over 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing the finest-quality draft beer dispensing equipment. All types of beer tap, beer dispenser, beer pump, hand pump, beer engine and all the required components of the draft beer system. Only the best beverage dispensing solutions for traditional cask ale beer and cider brands.
The mission of this UK company is to help the brand in the beer sector to look better to the consumer, perform better and stand out from the crowd. Angram dominates the UK market with its knowledge in pump draught for ales. 
To offer the final consumer the best drinking experience, in addition to the taste and quality of the beer, the design of the beer dispensing equipment also plays a fundamental role in winning over the most demanding customers. 
The draughting equipment made in Angram is designed to consider the customer's needs carefully, in every production phase: from the creation of customized solutions to production and quality control, and last but not least the after-sales service. Attention to detail and a caring relationship with each client has allowed the company to consolidate its reputation. 


The members of Angram's design team are experts in bespoke designs for beer tap, custom tap handles, bespoke fonts, etc.
The aim of our custom projects is to help the most important beer brands to stand out on the bar counter. The company works with the likes of Greene King, Marstons, Mitchells & Butler, Fullers and Shepherd Neame; we provide to these brands a fresh and unique presence in the pub, and communicate their stories with impact and clarity. To this end the company has recruited and developed an experienced and talented design and development team to help bring each client's vision to life. They manage projects from concepts to manufacture, and provide the attention to detail that ensures the vision for the brand is retained throughout.


Through the years, the design team has perfected a design process to mantain tradition, applying modern solutions, technology, design, customization, so that our products can reflect the uniqueness of your brand.

dynamic and passionate team, with great know-how and experience developed over many years. Angram and Celli pursue together the mission to offer consumers the best and most authentical drinking experience; focusing on customisation and innovative and high quality product design, while respecting tradition.

From brand strategy, development and ongoing creative services, our skilfull team of designers is dynamic and transparent throughout the entire process. Angram understands what's required to execute an effective vision from start to finish, presenting cost effective solutions to the beer companies and taking in consideration the design intent and product feasibility.
We consistently invest in improving the manufacturing process and technological evolution, applying in all projects an elegant identity, combined with our specialized production process.

The design team can play by the rules, but they also know when to break them. Angram has developed and refreshed beer brands across industries, bringing eye-catching visuals and voice together to ensure your brand packs a punch every time. The perfect example of how future and tradition can be successfully combined!