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Celli Deutschland: the new German office is operational!

The Celli Group is a global leader in the design and production of professional solutions for drink dispensing and other relevant technical assistance services.
The company, founded in 1974, is based in San Giovanni in Marignano (Rimini). It has approximately 600 employees in 6 production plants located in Italy and the United Kingdom. It exports its products to over 100 countries worldwide. Already present with companies in the UK and with branches in Singapore and Moscow, the Group continues its international path of consolidation despite the current pandemic that has resulted from the Covid-19 virus.

The Celli Group firmly believes in the strategic nature of the German market and for this reason, it has announced the opening of the new Celli Deutschland branch in Dusseldorf. The new headquarters gains Celli a foothold in a market, in effect, the German market, which is strategic and full of unique characteristics. This is a market in which the company has already been present in all product categories (beer, soft drinks, and water) for quite some time. The development plan of Celli Deutschland is based on the opening of offices, a logistics warehouse, and the construction of product stock in order to serve customers with an adequate lead time.

For a strategic market like Germany, the Celli Group has created a product proposal dedicated to the world of beer. The exciting news is the creation of a new family of coolers. They are at the forefront both in terms of technical performance and respect for the environment. This is thanks to energy-saving solutions and the R290 gas. They are available in four different sizes to meet every requirement with regard to space. In addition, the new range can be equipped with IntelliDraught which is the most advanced IoT platform for beverage dispensing systems. It allows for the remote and real-time monitoring of the progress of all draughting systems in order to manage the consumption and functioning of the entire equipment installed. In addition to the new family of coolers, the Celli Group is already a reference point in the market for columns, taps, and accessories hence guaranteeing the end customer a complete product offer.

Celli also boasts important collaborations in the world of soft drink, thanks to its portfolio of post-mix systems for both above and below the counter. In addition, it has its own smart dispensing towers which today embody the maximum expression of interaction with the consumer.

The new branch of Celli Germany is backed by a Board of Directors that is made up of Mauro Gallavotti, Antonino Fresolone, Valerio Marchi, and Adalberto Pizzi as well as a new team of professionals with experience in various sectors. As of the last few days, Sascha Gerlach has joined the team as a DACH sales manager (Germany, Switzerland, and Austria). He will be the local contact person for all business related to alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
Thanks to his consolidated knowledge of German-speaking markets, (which began in 1989 as a master brewer), and to many years of technical experience, he has also enriched his experience relating to sales from 2006. He has been able to integrate his technical knowledge alongside more commercial expertise.

I am particularly attracted to the mix of technology, customer contact, project work, and problem- solving that I have seen in the Celli Group”, - says Sascha Gerlach –“ and I have been very impressed by both the strong know-how and the profound attitude towards innovation. I accept this new challenge in which I deeply believe ”.

The new German branch will also allow for the development of the water market. This market is increasingly growing today thanks to the Cosmetal product and service offer of 100% Made in Italy coolers.  It has one of the most extensive ranges in the sector for both types of water supplied: room-temperature, cold, hot, sparkling, and for models available. In support of the water business in Germany, the Celli Group team has been collaborating for a couple of years with the experienced Senol Agac. He demonstrates work experience in the world of consultancy and in important multinationals in the world of water.

"My support will be fundamental to create the link between the market and Celli Group in order to serve German customers in a more present and punctual way," - says Senol Agac - ” I strongly believe in the potential of the Acqua Alma brand both in the world of restaurants/cafes and in the domestic market ".

The entire Celli Deutschland team is at your complete disposal for further information.

Sascha Gerlach
tel +49 160 / 2123096
e-mail s.gerlach@celligroup.com

Senol Agac
tel + 49 (0) 176 / 7072 8350
e-mail s.agac-contractor@celligroup.com