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A drink with: Claudio Maschietto

Region Business Director Far East & Pacific di Celli Group

Claudio Maschietto is a mechanical engineer born in Veneto (Italy). He has been living abroad for over 10 years, including 7 years in Hong Kong and 3 years in the United States. He spent most of his career in the appliances sector, and in the last 4 years, he focused on developing the professional coffee machines industry in Asia, for a Swiss company. "Being born into a family of Prosecco producers", - says Claudio - "I was always attracted and fascinated by the dispensing world, and this is why I joined Celli Group in 2021.
Since September 2021, Claudio is part of Celli Group's Board of Directors, as Region Business Director Far East & Pacific.

The story that links Celli Group to the Asian continent began in the 1990s when Celli's founders - the Celli brothers - started to exhibit and market their products at the first trade fairs in Singapore. The success of the quality solutions offered by Celli was so great among Asian buyers, that Singapore Celli Asia was established in 2005.

How has the beverage business evolved in the Asian market over the years?
The Asian market has experienced an evolution very similar to the other continents, where breweries pay more and more attention to system performance and quality, with a strong focus on sustainability and costs. This is why our ECO coolers are the best-selling products. 
Moreover, in-store branding is also very important, and this is why the demand for bespoke towers has increased, as they are one of the levers that attract consumers the most.

What features of our solutions do Asian customers appreciate the most?
Quality and Made in Italy are still very much appreciated. Furthermore, Asia is a continent with very advanced technology and innovation, therefore digitization is becoming a key component even in the dispensing sector. We receive requests to integrate our solutions with payment systems or Apps almost daily. 

In what countries are Celli Group products mainly marketed?
Celli distributes in all Asian countries, from India to New Zealand, and even on small French Polynesia islands. We offer solutions that meet our customers' needs, based on each country and try to develop innovative offers that seize the latest global and local trends. 

What is the predominant business?
In the past, the beer sector was by far the dominant category, considering Celli Group's origins. Now the three categories - Alcoholic, Non-Alcoholic and Water - are fairly balanced, even if the water market is becoming more dynamic, and many companies are looking for innovative solutions to quit plastic and disposable bottles, and offer healthier beverages, with low sugar content. 

How has business before and after Covid changed?
As you can imagine, Covid19-related restrictions strongly limited social contacts, and consequently the entire "out of home" beverage industry, with significant drops in consumption.
Since our business is purely BtoB, and human contact is still an important factor, we had to rethink our go-to-market strategy. If in the past, we promoted offline products, mainly in field fairs, today the online portion has become very important, and consequently, stakeholders expect to find content just a click away.